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Somatic Therapy

The basis of somatic therapy is the soma or body, which is biologically wired to maintain life and homeostasis. 

However, due to genetic, environmental, cultural factors and traumatic exposure, the nervous systems of children can become wired to remain at high alert (hyperactivated) or shut down (hypoactivate), or fluctuate between these two extremes. Teens and adults who struggle to engage in meaningful relationships and work could be diagnosed with anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, personality disorders. But they could also be seen as having a nervous system which is "stuck" in a particular state or pattern, often because it helps or has helped them to survive.  

Somatic therapy offers context for symptoms as well as invitations to track sensations and emotions, befriend Your body and shift beliefs. It can be matched to the needs of an individual, while recognizing the ways Your environment impacts Your body and mind. 

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Options for Engagement


Individual Therapy 

For 1:1 support and exploration


Group Therapy

Therapeutic Yoga

Bi-weekly Cultivating Internal Energy Awareness Class 


Family Therapy

To practice co-regulation and embodied communication



Polyvagal Course


Community Support

Massage, Acupuncture, and Physical Therapy can all foster connection with Your body.

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