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Individual wellness is connected to community wellness. As a community, I believe that more connections better us all, and that developing a treatment team leads to stronger recovery than reliance on one provider.


Here is a list of local (to the Greater Rochester Area) and national practitioners and resources which I recommend and/or collaborate with. 


Mental Health Resources

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Free Weekly Peer Support Groups for BIPOC, queer, neurodiversity, mad and disabled folks. 


I completed my psychotherapy internship with Gem as my supervisor at Tree of Hope Counseling. She is a WPATH provider who offers gender affirming DBT groups for teens, a support group for parents of gender expansive teens, and individual sessions. Together, we offer Gender Dysphoria CEU trainings for clinicians and service providers. In 2024, we'll be offering a Gender Affirming Professional Developmental Consult Group and partnering with Jackson Morrison, LCSW to offer Safe Zone Trainings for clinicians. 

Randhir Teja Singh (Christopher Pedrone) and I have collaborated since 2020 in offering mind-body practices that are gentle, accessible and trauma-informed. He offers Kundalini Yoga and Sound Journey's for individuals and groups. He also offers corporate retreats.

Sue Spencer (she/her) is a masterful therapeutic music facilitator of group and individual sessions focusing on attunement to self and community-building. She has experience working with children and adults of all ages in schools, corporate settings and small businesses. Sue and I have been collaborating since 2019. She is currently developing a music therapy group for autistic children. 

Holistic Health Providers (Rochester, NY)

Gender-affirming surgery rehabilitation, post-partum and prenatal care, recovery from pelvic pain, etc. Their team of providers is trained in offering trauma-sensitive, gender-affirming care, and they offer myofascial release as well as more traditional physical therapy interventions.

Angela and Janeane offer affordable (sliding scale, $30 - $70 per session) acupuncture treatments in a community setting. Their office space is tranquil, while their approach is gentle and accessible. Acupuncture is a well researched and ancient body/mind adjunctive treatment for a variety conditions. 

Pamela Pollick is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) trained in Somatic Experiencing™ and Internal Family Systems. She offers a deeply integrative somatic approach to healing from trauma. 

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