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Individual Therapy


If You've been carrying burdens that feel unrecognizable to most people - You deserve safety and gentle witnessing. When You want change and going on with "life as normal" feels too much - it's not that You aren't strong enough. It's that none of us were meant to go through life's challenges alone. Disconnection is a common cause of dis-ease in individuals, families and communities. 

Individual therapy is brave work, as it often means coming back into the body and becoming more aware of Yourself. It can also mean re-wiring the brain from beliefs and thought patterns that have lead to fear and separation, to a wider view of Self and the world. 

My focus is to help You move through life challenges with agency. Often times, ones' sense of "I am" is challenged by life transitions, grief and loss, child-rearing and advocating through oppressive systems. For these reasons and a myriad of others, You might be called to sit in the liminal space of what has been without clarity on what is yet to come. This can range from uncomfortable to terrifying.​

Whether You or someone You love is struggling with overwhelm, burn-out, anxiety, deep sadness, a sense of despair or are questioning their identity, I pledge to explore different modalities until we find the right practices. I work with each client to create an individualized plan that addresses physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal, financial and spiritual being.

No matter Your age, identities, background, or what brings You to therapy, You deserve someone to partner with You in an affirming way to explore Your goals and the obstacles to reaching them.

Fee for service: 

My standard rate is $100 per session (45 - 55 minutes long). I have 5 sliding-scale slots of my caseload through Open Path. You can choose what You pay: $50 - $70 per session. While I do not accept insurance, I can accept HSA and FSA as well as all major credit cards. I do offer reimbursement documentation (called "super bills") that You can submit to Your insurance, who will consider me an out of network provider.  


Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Founded by Richard Schwartz, PhD and is a body-mind, trauma-based modality. IFS views symptoms as "parts" of Yourself that have become burdened through traumatic events. The goal is to explore the relationship between parts as an internal family and unburden parts that are stuck in survival mode. IFS also has a belief in a Core Self that is connected to compassion, creativity, and clarity. 

Schema Therapy 

Created by Jeffrey E. Young, PhD. Schemas or ‘negative life beliefs’ can lead to low self-esteem, lack of connection to others, problems expressing feelings and emotions and excessive worrying about basic safety issues. This cognitive-based therapy is often helpful for clients who have tried therapy before but continue to struggle to make or maintain progress. 

Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY)

TCTSY is the only evidence-based form of yoga that has been developed as a body-based modality for people with complex or developmental trauma. It's a modality which centers choice and empowerment through invitations to explore different forms and ways of being in Your body. As a non-coercive approach, extreme mental/emotional states are held nonjudgmentally. 

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