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Gender Affirming Support

As a gender expansive person I know a thing or two about gender affirming care. Beyond my person experience, I have trained extensively in providing non-biased care for teens 12+ as well as adults of all ages, in all stages of identity exploration and development. I am aware of the anti-trans legislation sweeping across the US and the world, and the ways this impacts everything from accessing care, traveling, feeling safe at work and at school, and navigating relationships with family members and friends. 

I am a member of and follow the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care when providing care for youth and adults, and collaborate with doctors offices and clinics (Trillium, Strong Hospital, etc). I also write letters to advocate for gender-affirming treatment across New York state. I'm familiar with and can provide referrals for non-medical options (voice therapy, clothing, etc) and am always happy to discuss what feels euphoric as well as dysphoric. 


I'm also available for ongoing therapy for members of the LGBTQ+ community and questioning folks. I recognize that gender and sexual identities lead to stigma, marginalization and often times a lot of soul searching while unpacking internalized phobias and cultural programming. And sometimes, it's valuable to have am affirming therapist to talk to about everything in life - not just Your queer ness!

Support I Offer: 


Individual Therapy: Support for Your LGBTQ+ journey and beyond. 


Group Therapy:

Therapeutic Yoga space for teen and adults


Support Groups:

I'm happy to connect You to resources in the Community


Gender Letters:

Support & advocacy for Your chosen gender-affirming treatments.


Couples & Family Therapy: Navigating questioning and 

transitions together. 

Recognizing Intersecting Communities: 
Because intersecting identities and communities impact how You navigate the world and the mental health vulnerabilities You experience. All of You is welcome.

Neurodiverse, Autistic and Neurospicy folks

Black, Indigenous and People of the Global Majority

Unhoused, housing insecure, chronic homelessness 

Substance use as a coping skills, substance misuse and abuse 

Polyamorous, Consensual Nonmonogamy

Folks living with HIV

Survivors of childhood abuse and neglect

Survivors of intimate partner violence 

Sex Workers

Disabled Folks and Spoonies

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