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"No intervention that takes power away from the survivor can possibly foster their recovery, no matter how much it appears to be in their immediate best interest."

 ~ Judith Lewis Herman, author of Trauma and Recovery

My name is Asha Gozzelin (ze/zir pronouns) and I'm a Licensed Masters Social Worker, Transformative Mediator, Somatic Therapist, pro-liberation facilitator and fifth-generation healer. I offer "Sacred Sadhana" or the invitation to participate in life as a sacred path and practice. 


I approach therapy as an invitation to explore deeper connections between Self (body/mind), community and environment through self-regulation & co-regulation techniques, a relational focus and practicing new ways of being through self-inquiry and communication.

I have extensive training (over 500 hours) and practice (over 1,000 hours) on holistic body-mind practices, complex and developmental trauma, and anti-oppressive practices. I've also researched and published articles on these topics.


I offer evidence-based mental health interventions with holistic, affirming care for teens (12+), adults of all ages and families of all kinds, including couples. I strive to partner with folks who may be struggling with mental or physical health issues, as well as identity development and life transitions. I enjoy co-creating a space with clients where choice, shared authentic experience and unconditional positive regard are the foundation of healing. 


As a member and ally of the queer and gender-expansive communities, neurodiverse, disability community and polyamorous (RA) community, I bring empathy from my lived experiences into my work. 


Depending on symptoms and goals, I use interventions and perspectives from Trauma Center's Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Schema Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing, Transformative Mediation, and Functional Family Therapy (FFT). I've also trained extensively in offering Gender Affirming Care for youth and adults, and am a proud member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). 


I offer both in person and telehealth appointments. 

In person at Tree of Hope 2300 East Ave, Rochester NY 14610: Sunday's 11 - 5 pm and Monday's 12 - 7 pm.

I offer telehealth during those hours, as well as Tuesday's 1 - 8 pm and Wednesday's 11 am - 5 pm. 

Let’s Connect

I currently have a waitlist for new clients of 3 - 4 months. If You're looking for clinicians who serve similar folks/ have a similar approach, I can provide referrals. I'm also happy to answer any questions about my approach, and to schedule an exploratory 15 - 30 minute call or video chat to see if we're a good match. You are welcome to reach out and I'll get back to You within 5 business days.


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